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Tuesday 12th February 2013

On a very cold evening we had an “in house” meeting to try to knock down some of our member’s brick walls.  Four case studies were presented and a healthy and useful discussion of each one followed.

Tuesday 12th March 2013

Cancelled because of snow

Tuesday 9th April 2013

One of our frequent visitors, Mr Fred Feather, returned to tell us about "Forbidden Love", highlighting the problems that love could lead to, including bigamy, divorce and other complications.

Tuesday 14th May 2013

The Branch AGM was followed by a very informative talk about Huguenot Ancestry,  given by Kathy Chater. She explained that not all French or Flemish immigrants were Huguenots and how we could determine whether or not they were. She also gave details of all the various sources and information available to us.

Tuesday 11th June 2013

Patricia Smith, one of our members, gave a very useful talk on visiting the National Archives and how doing as much groundwork as possible beforehand would save a great deal of time when we arrived.  In some cases, she said, it may not even be necessary to visit in person, as so much information is available online

Tuesday 9th July 2013

Another very popular return visitor, Mr Peter Ewart, gave a very entertaining and thought provoking talk about his research into the story of a soldier whose photos he had found in an album in a second hand bookshop. It had taken a lot of research in the days before so much information became available online, which would possibly have made things much easier.

Tuesday 13th August 2013

Celia Heritage spoke on land records and their use to family historians, including tithe and enclosure records, and the wealth of information that is available.

Tuesday 10th September 2013

Meryl Catty, another regular visitor, in a talk entitled “Ancestors Anonymous,” referred to the genealogist’s nightmare: family albums full of pictures of family members, but no names no dates etc.

However, she went on to explain how the style of the picture, for instance a "carte de visite", can pin down a date to within a few years.   A very high percentage of old pictures were taken by professional photographers who put their names on the mount or on the reverse of the picture, so reference to local trade directories can also help to pin down the date of the picture.   Naming the sitter(s) could become much easier when the picture date is sorted out.

In conclusion she stressed that naming and dating your pictures can save future generations a lot of work.

Tuesday 8th October 2013

Mr Terry Whiting, in a talk that was postponed from March this year, gave us a fascinating talk about his researches into the voyages from Kent to Jamestown colony in America. While most of us had some awareness of this colony, to see and hear all the details was extremely interesting. 

Saturday 19th October 2013

This year was once again the Deal Branch's turn to host the Kent FHS AGM, which took place at the Baypoint Leisure Centre in Sandwich. The business part of the day was followed by an enjoyable finger buffet and Mr Michael Gandy entertained us with a thought provoking talk on Town Poor and Country Poor.

Tuesday 12th Nov 2013

Dr Peter Smith gave a talk entitled “Merchant Marine Archives for WW 1;”  a fact filled presentation about the work which he has done to identify the passengers and crew of ships from the Merchant and Royal Navies which were lost during WW1.   The scope of his research is not just local but includes all the theatres of that war.   All of his work is recorded on spreadsheets; a huge task because he has included all of the spin-off information which he has gathered.

A fascinating spin-off from this is that he has input all of these positions into Google-Earth and can show all of the data pictorially – it is a very sobering picture.

Tuesday 10th December 2013

A quiz had been arranged for this evening but due to a very low turnout it did not go ahead. Those members who had come made use of the opportunity to discuss their families over a cup of tea and mince pies. The heating in the hall had been upgraded and it was much appreciated.